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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Wednesday Rides

Poddlers’ Ride

The sun was shining brightly as 8 of us set off for Beckwithshaw.....poddlers old and new. We swooped down and up towards the Army college, and then enjoyed the descent towards Hampsthwaite. We were on a mission to meet with Jane and Kevin at the Greenway. Sure enough there they were waiting on the bridge...and who else appeared? None other than Max! So 11 Poddlers zoomed down the Greenway, saying goodbye to Dennis at Bilton, and to Max at the start of Beryl Burton. It was spectacular cycling along the riverside, as the sun was sparkling on the Nidd. Everyone seemed glad to be out as we passed through Farnham, Brearton, Nidd, and headed for Ripley church. Jane, Kev and the Scottish Stalwart left for home, whilst 6 of us enjoyed coffee and cakes supplied by the ladies of the church. We finished with a leisurely ride down the Greenway for a second time... (I did offer to take them to Knox bridge, but they all declined!) Well done to new and returning riders. 34 miles. Jen A



Wednesday Ride

The numbers on the Wednesday Ride were swelled from the ranks of the Wanderers who appeared to be leaderless this week and so about 30 riders set off and congregated for a photoshoot at the first stop of the day, being the newly installed and refurbished Sustrans Millennium Sign almost at the junction of the Asda section of the Greenway with Bilton Lane. Thanks Gia, Malcolm and Kevin for the refurbishment and being driving force behind the installation and to Harrogate Council for the transportation to Harrogate and the Greenway. Having had our photos taken we drifted down to Ripley in various groups where we split into two more manageable groups and took two alternative routes to Brimham. Our group of 13 headed through Holly Bank Woods, stopping to admire and photograph the magnificent carpet of bluebells and then headed through Birstwith, across the Toll Bridge and up Stripe Lane to Brimham, where, to the relief of the superstitious among us, John retuned home leaving the 12 remaining to head for Fountains. Colin left at the top of Brimham to head for the delights of Pateley and at the end of Rabbit Lane or Brimham Rocks Road, depending on which end you are at, Martin, Yvonne, Mike and John R. broke away for Ripley whilst the rest of us headed up Watergate Lane and into the Visitor Centre for food and caffeine. The return through the Deer Park was slightly different as we faced a head wind from an unusual direction, but as we swung through Ripon and Littlethorpe we felt the benefit of it behind us. A trip though the Mountgarret Estate was marred only by Kevin who, having carefully warned everyone about the gravel proceed to slide gracefully from his bike on a patch at the Ford. There was no lasting damage, although it did merit a call at the Church in Ripley for tea and cake for the surviving 5 members, Charlie and Maggie having opted out and continued home. Suitable refreshed we returned along the Greenway having had a lovely day out in the usual excellent company. Photos courtesy of Gia.  James G.








Wednesday Long Ride

After some debate six riders decided on going to Stump Cross via Bolton Abbey, but on receiving a call from Richard & Lesley it was off to Ripley via the Green Way.  Richard L was keen on seeing if he could match the TdY peloton’s time up Trapping Hill, so it was off to Pateley Bridge.  Given the strength of the wind we chose the low level route via Clint, Birstwith and Summerbridge, it was a good call.  Unfortunately, from Pateley Bridge the wind against us for most of the time up to How Stean Gorge.  While partaking of refreshments at How Stean the wind stared to increase in strength and Trapping Hill was abandoned.

The committee decided that we would head to Ripon and for a change take the alternative route via Wath to Pateley Bridge. Having battled into a headwind all the way from Pateley Bridge to Risplith we diverted to Sawley, Fountains and the Deer Park to get to Ripon.  After our exertions a refreshment stop at Spa Gardens was much appreciated.  Now it was a case of returning to Harrogate via Bishop Monkton, Markington and Ripley.  PCJ







EGs’ Ride

We had eleven riders at Low Bridge with blue skies and some wind, but what else do you expect from the EG`s.  Most important though we had Bob Shears amongst us, Bob is recovering from an operation and was going to do his own thing at his pace, but called to see his old mates, and “old” being the collective term for the EG`s.

Destination Lemon Tree Cafe Tadcaster, on the way Dave P developed a rattle, after riders listened to said rattle it was decided it did not come from him personally (that makes a change). Saddle bag was removed to eliminate one possible source of rattle, Bill (bless ‘im) was persuaded to place small bag in his big bag, this caused him to worry about his performance on the hills (this ride could be titled the Fen Lands of Yorkshire).

After caffeine, beans and toasted things Dave Watson took over the ride with our first destination Cawood, Bill still traumatised by his bag experience chose not to accompany us (take care Bill).

After Cawood it was due south on the back roads to Moss Hagg and through Bishop Wood to Biggin, Little Fenton, Church Fenton, Barkston Ash, and Saxton and first left missing the climb out on the B1217, then on to Lotherton Hall for afternoon tea.

Then on to Aberford, Barwick in Elmet, Scholes, Thorner and Collingham, as Linton Bridge is still “being” repaired it was on to Wetherby, some of us returning via the Harland way, the others returning to Knaresborough.

Here we took leave of Dave Watson, a big thank you to Dave for a super ride, using some nice little back roads, some we may not have used before, or perhaps forgotten we had.

I personally forgot how I got from Pannal to Harlow Hill, and if it had not been for Eric I might have finished up in Lancashire (yes Peter B the first time you have ever felt sorry for Lancastrians).

Good mileage Good weather, but most important of all Good company.  Dave P.    



All rides are at your own risk. Please ensure that you have your own third party insurance (check your house insurance) and consider Cycling UK membership.