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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Wednesday Rides

Poddlers Ride

The wind and grey seemed to deter most Poddlers who were not busy tending to visitors or servicing camper vans....who were also deterred.  So two less than enthusiastic ladies talked themselves into cycling rather than sogging and sped off (due to wind power not pedal power) to Knaresborough,Lingerfield, Scotton Ripley and the Greenway and home...in time to have a leisurely coffee, continuing to right a variey of world problems, at Cafe C.C.O.   18 pleasant miles at the speed of light..or not, which as we kept telling ourselves is better than nothing.   CG.


Wednesday Ride

A good few of the usual suspects, turned up for the ride to Thirsk, but due to the weather we decided Pately Bridge might be better. Off we set along the Greenway, feeling cold after the warm weekend. Colin, Paul and Gia, deserve a mention for their shorts. At Ripley we reconsidered again, perhaps we should stay in the valley, the wind was gusty and cold. On through Hollybank woods, enjoying the wood anenomes, Birstwith, then Darley, I knew a hill was coming! Up we went, but only a little, before our descent to Sophie's. Once again we lost Bob, I hope you got home safely! The cafe was almost full with wheeleasy riders enjoying refreshment. Then the quick route home to Hornbeam. Approx 24 miles, and a thoroughly social event.    Sarah


Wednesday Wanderers Ride

Fourteen at Hornbeam for the Wanderers on this not-so-beautiful April day. The contrast with the weather on the previous Sunday was stark. The wind (18mph from the NW) was probably going to be the biggest problem, particularly as I had in mind to go to Little Alms Cliff. We split into two groups and headed off up Lead Hall Lane and the Squinting Cat (not the ‘Singing Cat’ as I had incorrectly said in Sunday’s medium ride report). There was no rain forecast by the BBC, but it drizzled a little at first. We agreed to re-group, not at Stainburn Woods car park as we often do, but a bit further on at Little Alms Cliff itself, where a photo was taken of the group and of Paul B triumphantly arriving after the hard slog directly into the wind up Norwood Lane.  We lost the headwind immediately when we turned right on to the B6451 past the Sun Inn and along to Penny Pot Lane, where we turned right and so now had a strong following wind. Jo and Max continued down Penny Pot Lane back to Harrogate, but the rest of us turned left towards the busy A59, where we turned left and immediately right down towards Kettlesing. The wind was now either not a problem or it was a distinct advantage, and when we reached Clapham Green we zoomed down to Hampsthwaite (I reached 35mph with no pedalling and no braking) to Sophie’s, but obviously not sitting outside today as we did on Sunday. After about 30 minutes most of the rest of WheelEasy! came into Sophie’s, and, like us, they had decided not to go too far in the wind. Back to Harrogate via Hollybank Wood, Ripley and the Greenway, by which time the sun had come out a bit.

About 22 miles     Joe




Long Ride

It was definitely a “Wheel Easy on a Blustery Day” today.  With the gusty winds no one was prepared to go west so Tadcaster was the destination of choice.  With the wind at our backs we headed for Wetherby leaving Harrogate via the Show Ground and Rudding Park.  From Wetherby it was onward to Bramham; from there we took a small diversion through Clifford and Toulston to arrive at Tadcaster.  Warm scones, fruit or cherry, seemed to be the order of the day.  Coincidentally the EG’s arrived at or about the same time.

Where to go next was the question as we set off for Wighill.  At Wighill we headed for Healaugh and Bilborough where we met the EG’s going in the opposite direction.  Now we decided to head for home going via Long Marston where after turning off the main road we found ourselves heading for the A59.  Cycling along the A59 was an interesting experience but cut short by diverting to Kirk Hammerton and Whixley.  Another refreshment stop was called for so it was off to Tancred Farm.  Now eager to get back to Harrogate we opted for the main road and after a small detour around Marton Cum Grafton arrived back in Harrogate.  PCJ



EG's Ride

We had nine riders at Low Bridge plus a bird (see photo).

The weather seemed a bit damp with wind ?.

The first coffee stop was the Lemon Tree in Tadcaster, then assess wind and wetness? and then take it from there.

On the B6164 we split in to two groups with a gap of two car lengths between us for safety, without labouring the point on safety it was noted that nearly every car that passed us used this gap because of oncoming traffic.

Then it was on to Rudgate where the A team shot off with instructions by the B team not to eat all the toasted teacakes.

Arriving at the Lemon Tree a team from York CTC was just leaving and in one room we found Wheel Easy Wednesdayers including Peter J and Jill, as it was pointed out to Jill there are not many hills this side of Wetherby.

York had been considered a destination, with the wind on our backs it was a temptation, but common sense prevailed and it was out to Catterton, Bill and Norman returning the way we came.

Continuing to Healaugh and Wighill, being nearly run down by Wheel Easy Wednesdayers coming t`other way.

Then back up Rudgate the theory being that we would have the strong wind on our left side rather than in our faces, and to be fair it did work.

In Great Ouseburn we took Carr Side road to the B6265, the idea here came from a comment by Dave Siswick about doing a “look see” ride and going on roads we did not usually use, the intention being to get to a cafe that Dave Watson took us to on the B6265 (Dave was not with us today  due to ill health, best wishes and get better soon Dave).

We somehow missed the cafe, and the wind being a bit of a problem we headed for Marton  cum Grafton Post Office for hot drinks and snacks.

We now had blue sky “nice” and wind “not nice” but a good ride with some riders in to the 50 plus mile range.

Thanks to Dave Peatfield, Dave Siswick, Eric, Geoff, Marvin and Nick, good team riders.

Dave P. 




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