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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Wheel Easy Ride Report 564

Short Ride

The weather forecast did not look too good with the logos showing clouds with one and two raindrops, I have not yet seen three raindrops, does that mean Noah is back in business?.

We had six riders and none of us were short beginners, more like medium sized experienced.

Our destination was put to the vote and it was decided that the caffeine might be better in Hampsthwaite than Wetherby, so it was down the Greenway to Ripley. The Greenway was quite empty and it was easy riding.

A team photo stop was made at the figures, this shows Dave with his arms around four Ladies, only Dave could manage this as it would have sent Dave P`s blood pressure sky high, even Malcolm`s figurine averted its eyes.

Then from Ripley it was on to Hampsthwaite, there was a pause at the top of the hill before the descent in to Hampsthwaite, it was here that the question was asked, how could our group be described?. We were one more than a Famous Five, and one less than a Magnificent Seven.

How about “The Sexy Six”said Fiona, should have gone to Spec Savers said Dave, honestly I would not have dared say that, us men being in a two to four minority.

Then it was in to Sophie`s for Caffeine, Calories, and Conversation, all three being excellent, together with the laughs.

It was raining when we left the cafe but nothing like forecast, so it was up the hill to Levens Hall and Knox, the rain then stopped so there was no need to take the shortest way back to Hornbeam car park, so on Bridget`s suggestion we made for the Greenway to take us to the Stray, Hornbeam car park and home.

Thanks to Bridget, Dave, Fiona, Jen and Jill for a nice little ride and in good  company. Dave P.



Medium Ride

Well we happy few got wet but not as much as we expected.
At the start, David introduced new member, David (why are they always called David?). Note to Monica: Don’t accept any more David members. There must be a cycling Tarquin out there somewhere.
Anyway, to avoid the threatened rain we didn’t hang about on this relatively short ride through Stainburn Forest (sorry, David, for getting your bike a bit mucky), then on to Almscliffe Crag where two of our seven defected.
We swooped to Huby then on to Kirkby Overblow, and Dennis took over in Pannal to guide three of our motoring cyclists back to their cars at Hornbeam. Paul B.

Medium Plus Ride

The advertised route of 55 miles and forecast of rain encouraged sixteen of us to follow a shorter ride but still heading towards Tadcaster. At Wetherby we shed two who went to Costa and gained one.

We met a huge number of cyclists coming towards us, all ages possibly on a Sportive so we were in good company out on the roads today.

Debbie helped us with local knowledge to get the best  run in to Tadcaster where we spread ourselves between Costa and The Lemon Tree, meeting the faster boys who arrived as we left. Perfect timing.

Cycling past Walton Village we stopped to admire the new cycle path almost finished that will give residents of Walton a safe route to join the cycle path to Wetherby.

Our ride home was fairly speedy and three EG’s had no idea we were right behind them at Little Ribston, some rain as we left Spofforth but dry by the time we got home so we were lucky with the weather.

Good ride, good company and thanks to everyone for their support and to Paul who came up with the alternative route. 40 miles. Gia



Medium Plus - Touring Pace

A charming but intimidating group (including at least four normally 'long ride boys') and yours truly journeyed towards Wetherby, in the slower of the two medium plus groups, with Lotherton Hall as our goal. It quickly became obvious that pace was a little warm and I decided to go solo, requesting that Peter J. led the main peloton. Peter B was given strict instructions to re-join this group, but became unsure whether this would prove to be a rewarding experience. 

From Wetherby, where we met a Medium Ride, Peter and I headed for Collingham, side route through East Keswick and then through the Harewood Estate on Bridleway. Addingham, Pool and Otley conveniently led us to Cockpit Farm for delicious eats. The threatening cloud had descended, so home via Asquith, Fewston, accompanied by the curlews. 45 miles plus and only a bit damp - honest. Sarah C.

Medium Plus - Long Ride

With no Long Ride today the Medium Plus ride morphed into the Long Ride.  After some to-ing and fro-ing the ride settled down with six riders forming the peloton.  Despite avoiding horses, runners, and tractors everything went according to plan with a trouble free ride to Lotherton Hall via Wetherby and Aberford.  We briefly encountered the other Medium Plus group at Lotherton Hall. Apparently one of their number was missing and they set off to find him.  On leaving Lotherton it started to rain and with an easterly wind the rest of the ride was very uncomfortable.  Nearing Thorp Arch Estate another refreshment stop was called for to raise the spirits of the group.  We then plodded on to Harrogate getting even wetter, if that is possible.  The Long Ride is dead, long live the Long Ride.  PCJ



All rides are at your own risk. Please ensure that you have your own third party insurance (check your house insurance) and consider Cycling UK membership.