Harrogate Cycling for Pleasure
Harrogate's cycling club for people who
don't wear lycra! (and some who do)
Sunday, September 20, 2015

Ride Descriptions

Wheel Easy rides normally start at Hornbeam Park railway station every Sunday and Wednesday, leaving at 9.30am, except the EG’s ride which meets on Wednesdays at Low Bridge, Knaresborough, and leaves at 10.00am. Lengths of rides are for guidance only. They may vary according to the weather and season. Most rides have a coffee and/or lunch stop. Details are shown on the Ride Calendar


Short/Beginners rides are from around 15 miles, at a gentle pace. Newcomers who would like to try Wheel Easy but are unsure about their fitness should contact us first so that we can ensure the short ride will suit them. If there are no newcomers the short ride can be up to 25 miles.

Medium rides are from around 25-40 miles. The pace is steady, generally 9-11mph on average. The Medium Slow ride is at a gentle pace.
Medium Plus rides are often 40-60 miles at either a Touring Pace of around 11-12mph or a Fast Pace of about 13-16mph.
Long rides can be from 45 to around 85 miles, and occasionally over 100 miles at speeds similar to faster Medium Plus rides.

Away Day rides give members an opportunity to ride in different areas. Usually, you will need to transport your bike to the starting point.

Off Road rides are organised from time to time, are usually non-technical but occasionally more challenging.



Poddlers is a slower, leisurely ride usually about 20-30 miles.

Wednesday Wanderers are rides of usually up to about 40 miles at a medium pace aiming to be back by about 1.30pm.

'Wednesday Rides' are about 30-50 miles at a medium pace.

Long Rides are usually about 45-80 miles at a faster pace.

EG’s Rides start at 10.00am at Low Bridge, Knaresborough and can be out for most of the day. They are frequently 50-60+ miles at varying speeds. 

All rides are at your own risk. Please ensure that you have your own third party insurance (check your house insurance) and consider CTC membership.