Harrogate Cycling for Pleasure
Harrogate's cycling club for people who
don't wear lycra! (and some who do)

Committee Members:

James Grimshaw      Chair

                             Vice Chair

Jill Fellerman           Secretary

Gia Margolis            Publicity Officer

Monica Webber       Membership Secretary

Michael Inglis          Treasurer

John Hackett

Richard Leake             

Jill Jackson

Jean Battison

Helen Bevis     


Members who help with the day to day running of Wheel Easy




Checking Wheel Easy Emails –    General       

 Malcolm and Gia Margolis

Checking Wheel Easy Emails – Ride Routes

 Peter Jackson/ Dave Siswick/ Al Davies

Weekly Newsletter and publicity

 Malcolm Margolis

Uploading Ride Reports and Photos onto website

 Peter Jackson/ Dave Siswick / Al Davies

Organising Ride Leaders  timetable and uploading onto  website

Justin Keen

Producing Ride Calendar and updating ride routes

 Alison Noble / Liz Pugh

Uploading medium and medium Plus Ride Routes onto the Website

 Paul Tindle

Uploading additional information  onto website

 Paul Tindle / Malcolm Margolis

Wednesday ride leader schedule for Wanderers

 Liz Pugh

Sundays ride Announcements

John Hackett / James Grimshaw

Weekly press release to Advertiser







Wednesday riders Xmas lunch

 Paul Tindle

Members Christmas lunch


AGM refreshments


Organising ‘Away days’ & Trips


Organising social events




Photographs of the committee

 John Hackett




 Jill Jackson


Jill Fellerman


Malcolm & Gia Margolis.

Malcolm is the founder of Wheel Easy. Although no longer on the committee he continues to work in the background helping to develop Wheel Easy.



 Monica Webber


James Grimshaw


Michael Inglis


Jean Battison


Richard Leake


Helen Bevis

All rides are at your own risk. Please ensure that you have your own third party insurance (check your house insurance) and consider Cycling UK membership.